Media Coverage

    Beverly Engel has appeared as the guest expert on numerous National TV programs, including Oprah!, CNN, Ricki Lake, Sally Jesse Raphael, and Phil Donahue. She’s also appeared on many popular national radio programs. She currently has a blog on Psychology Today’s Blog site entitled, “The Compassion Chronicles.”

    Magazines Featuring Beverly Engel

    Beverly has been the subject of feature articles in many magazines and newspapers, including, Oprah Magazine, Psychology Today, Cosmopolitan, Ladies Home Journal, Marie Claire, Redbook, Shape, and Men’s Health magazines and The Washington Post, Arizona Republic, and Los Angeles Herald Examiner newspapers.

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    Beverly will be on Devi Ward’s Better Love and Sex Show Thursday February 13th from 7-8 PM Pacific time

    Live interview—call in number 1-877-230-3062

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    Subject: “Being in a Relationship with a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse”

    Check out the October issue of Cosmopolitan. Beverly and her book THE PARENTHOOD DECISION is quoted in article on deciding whether or not to have a child.

    Television Coverage

    Resource Title
    Oxygen TV
    “Talk Sex” with Sue Johanson
    Book Sensual Sex recommended to audience
    The Leeza Show Blessing From the Fall
    Ricki Lake Divorcing A Parent
    Sally Jessy Raphael
    Nationally syndicated
    Emotionally Abused Women
    The Shirley Show
    Nationally syndicated in the U.S.
    Canada’s #1 talk show
    The Emotionally Abused Woman
    Phil Donahue Divorcing A Parent
    Sonya Friedman
    Divorcing a Parent
    Sally Jessy Raphael Promiscuity Due To Childhood Sexual Abuse
    Rene Newhouse Show
    CISA, Alberta, Canada
    Raising Your Sexual Self-Esteem.
    AM Boston
    The Right To Innocence
    AM Philadelphia
    The Right To Innocence
    AM Northwest Divorcing A Parent
    AM Northwest The Emotionally Abused Woman
    Morning Break
    Minneapolis, The Right To Innocence
    KSTP, Minneapolis
    The Right To Innocence
    Good Company
    KSTP, Minneapolis
    The Right To Innocence
    L.A. In The Morning
    KHJ, Los Angeles
    The Right To Innocence
    Heart of the Nation
    National Cable
    The Right To Innocence
    And numerous other television shows over the years.

    Radio Coverage


    Devi Ward’s Better Love and Sex Show  | Thursday February 13th from 7-8 PM Pacific time
    Live interview—call in number 1-877-230-3062
    Contact Talk Radio Network Internet Talk Radio – http://ctrnetwork.com
    Subject: “Being in a Relationship with a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse”

    KVCI 88.9 FM  | December 21, 2011 | “PRESCRIPTIONS FOR HEALING CONFLICT” |www.ConflictHealing.com

    MOTHER LOVE –LA TALK RADIO | July 22, 2011 3PM | “Verbal and Emotional Abuse”

    THE PARENT COACH — Dr. Philip Dembo | July 7, 2011 | “Toxic Parents” |www.HealthyLife.net  / Internet Radio


    Michael Jackson Show – KABC, Los Angeles (national show), one hour interview, The Right to Innocence.

    Airtalk – KPCC, Pasadena (Larry Mantle), one hour interview with call-ins, The Right To Innocence.

    All About Books – KPFK, North Hollywood, one hour interview, The Right To Innocence.

    Peter Mead Show – WBZ, Boston, The Right To Innocence.

    Bev Smith Show – WWRC, Maryland, The Right To Innocence.

    Jim French Show – KIRO, Seattle, The Right To Innocence.

    KYGO – San Diego, California, The Right To Innocence.

    Joan Hamberg Show – WOR, New York, one hour interview with guest calls, Divorcing A Parent.

    Health Action – WBAI, New York, Raising Your Sexual Self-Esteem.

    David Essel, Alive! – Arlington, Virginia, Blessing From the Fall.

    Two Chicks Dishing – WRKO, Boston, The Parenthood Decision.

    And numerous other radio interviews over the years.

    Magazine Coverage

    US News and World Report – Wellness It Wasn’t Your Fault
    New Living Magazine The Nice Girl Syndrome
    Psychjourney The Nice Girl Syndrome
    Cosmopolitan The Nice Girl Syndrome
    Operah .com Loving Him without Losing You
    Men’s Health “Wipe Away Her Tears” (The Power of Apology)
    Canadian Living The Power of Apology
    The Art of Saying Sorry The Power of Apology
    Lifetime Magazine The Power of Apology
    U.S. Weekly The Power of Apology
    Oprah Winfrey Emotional Abuse
    Oprah Magazine 21 Things to Stop Worrying About Right Now
    Health Should You Throw is the Towel: Five Signs that your Relationship is
    All Washed Up
    Psychology Today The Stealth Saboteur: A Field Guide to Passive-Aggression
    Real Simple An Apology
    Natural Health Anger Therapy
    Shape The Art of Saying Sorry
    New Living Getting Beyond Your Anger
    Cosmopolitan How to Rein in His Mother’s Influence
    Men’s Health Wipe Away Her Tears
    Canadian Living The Power of Apology
    Cosmopolitan Saying No to Mommyhood
    Redbook How to Raise A Sexually Healthy Child
    Psychology Today Family Therapist Examines Relationship Between
    Grandfather and Granddaughter
    Cosmopolitan The Perfect Girlfriend Trap
    Allure 11 Tips From Therapists on Coping With Anxiety During the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

    Newspaper Articles

    Sunday Express (National British newspaper). “Who’s Sorry Now?”

    The City Paper (Nashville), “Just Say You’re Sorry and All Will Be Forgiven” .

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Who’s Sorry Now?”

    Copley News, “I’m Sorry: Start the new year with an apology”.

    The Dallas Morning News – Media Room, Book review, The Parenthood Decision.

    The Oregonian – “Are You Fit To Breed?

    The Cambrian – Front page article, “Simpson Case Focuses Spotlight on Domestic Abuse” .

    New Times – Feature Article, “Local Author Turns Helping Herself Into Self-Help”.

    The Orange County Register – Relationships Notebook column, “Body Miracles Aren’t Found All Bottled Up”.

    Arizona Republic – Two-page article based on “The Emotionally Abused Woman”. Front page, “Life and Leisure” section.

    Los Angeles Times Book Review – “Divorcing A Parent” .
    The Cambrian – Feature story, Arts and Events Section, “Recovering From A Fall.”

    Star Tribune (Minneapolis, Minn.) – Interviewed as part of article on toxic parents entitled “Adults Don’t Need To Forgive Parents Who Abuse Them” .

    Washington Post – One page interview by Don Oldenburg in “Style Plus” section entitled “When Adult Children Divorce Their parent” .

    Los Angeles Times – One page article, entitled “When Life With Parents Is Bitter”.

    Los Angeles Herald Examiner – Front page Q & A section, “An Expert in anger on Why You Should Express Yours” .3