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    Encouragements for the Emotionally Abused Woman

    For those of us who are or have been emotionally abused, we know how the experience insidiously sabotages our self-esteem. We know how easy it can be to falter, to begin to feel the familiar self-doubt and fear. We need to be reminded that the abuse is not our fault. We need to find the motivation to trust our perceptions — and find the courage to change our present reality.

    ENCOURAGEMENTS FOR THE EMOTIONALLY ABUSED WOMAN addresses these needs. Whether we are just beginning to recognize that we are in abusive relationships or whether we have made the decision to break free, this book is here, a consistent reminder of positive growth. Written as a companion to Beverly Engel’s landmark THE EMOTIONALLY ABUSED WOMAN, this volume of quotes, insights, feelings, and suggestions contains passages to be read and reread, turned to as a trusted friend, to help us grow stronger with each passing day. Any time, day or night, it is ready, on any page, to help, to heal, and to replenish the soul.


    The Bookwatch
    This could have been featured in our Psychology section, but it’s a strong highlight for this section (women’s issues): a companion volume to Engel’s original work, this provides many reminders that the recovery process works, and that it involves strong and positive changes. Quotes and admonitions take the form of short, strong paragraphs of advice.


    Book History

    Hardcover – Lowell House, Los Angeles, 1993
    Paperback – Fawcett, New York, 1994

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