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    Partners in Recovery

    Being in a relationship with a man or woman who suffered sexual abuse as a child can be both difficult and rewarding. She or he may experience emotional swings and relive long-buried memories which cannot include you. At the same time, the partner of an adult survivor has the opportunity to provide the love and support that can make a critical difference in recovery.

    In the first book written for the mates, lovers, and friends of survivors of childhood sexual abuse, renowned author and therapist Beverly Engel gently guides both survivors and their partners step by step through the seven phases of recovery, including what to expect from one another and how to live through the difficult times. She separates myth from truth and includes important information on understanding, believing, and accepting the fact of abuse. She also offers validations for the anger, frustration, and helplessness you are bound to feel.

    With her unique understanding of both sides of the relationship, as survivor and therapist, Beverly Engel advises partners on questions and concerns surrounding the balance of power, issues of control, and sexual problems. And finally, she discusses how one partner’s recovery can change a relationship and how to determine whether the relationship is still working for both of you.

    [testimonials company=”Booklist”]How the prosurvivor can cope with often severe problems is discussed in a sensitive manner. As childhood sexual abuse becomes more widely exposed, this manual will be in increasing demand in all public libraries.


    Library Journal
    Despite the plethora of self-help and 12-step recovery books available, there is a surprising lack of books written to help prosurvivors – – those who are living with or close to someone recovering from some type of abuse. Engel, a therapist and author of THE RIGHT TO INNOCENCE (Tarcher, 1989), helps fill the gap with this well-written work full of advice and case histories for prosurvivors whose companions were sexually abused as children. With an estimated one in three adults having suffered past sexual abuse, this book will be invaluable to anyone accompanying a survivor along the rocky road to recovery.

    Book History

    Hardcover – Lowell House, Los Angeles, 1992
    Paperback – Fawcett, New York, 1993

    • Review in Library Journal
    • Review in Booklist
    • British rights sold in 1997 to Camden Press — New edition with new title, national press, television and radio campaign in UK, along with professional training programs to help promote book.
    • Review in Community Care, a magazine for all those in social care, London