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    The Parenthood Decision

    Most people realize that just wanting a baby doesn’t mean you are mentally, emotionally, or physically prepared to have one. Nor does the desire to have a baby necessarily mean you will be a good parent. Many couples and singles struggle with this decision as they consider their life situation, lifestyle, and how a child will forever change their life. Enter THE PARENTHOOD DECISION, the first book to take a clear-eyed look at the issues, the positive and pitfalls, that all prospective parents face.

    Emotional, physical, and mental readiness for parenting; willingness to accept permanent lifestyle changes; and emotional ability to provide a nurturing environment are the three major qualities involved in the parenthood decision. Short questionnaires throughout the text help prospective parents assess honestly and in detail whether they are ready, willing, and able to take on parenting. Answering such questions as Why do I want to have a child? Do I have the energy to be a good parent? and What will I give up? is intended to get prospective parents to grasp the qualities needed for successful parenting. For those who must acknowledge, however unwillingly, that they are not prepared for the sacrifices demanded by child rearing, Engel also offers comforting strategies for deciding whether to wait until the time is right or to forgo having children altogether. Her knowing, empathic style further assists prospective parents in deeply exploring personal qualities and concerns.


    Book History

    Paperback – Doubleday, New York, Spring 1998
    • Booklist review
    • Article and quiz in the Oregonian, “Are You Ready to Breed?”
    • Review Dallas Morning News
    • National radio campaign
    • Interviewed for article in Parents magazine