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    The Power of Apology

    A fascinating and inspiring exploration of the healing power of apology and how to put it to work in your life.

    While books on the subject of forgiveness abound, until now there have been none focusing on one of the most important aspects of the forgiveness process–apology. In this inspiring and instructive new book from internationally acclaimed therapist and self-help author Beverly Engel, readers learn why apology is so important to our emotional and physical well-being and why our inability to apologize is the source of a great deal of the dysfunction and unhappiness in all aspects of our lives. Beverly Engel sheds new light on contemporary relationships by explaining why apology is such an important part of the forgiveness process and–with the help of many moving real-life stories of people of all ages, including accounts from her own life and her patients’ lives–she passionately demonstrates the transformative power of apology.

    • Nominated for the Books for a Better Life Award (the Pulitzer for self-improvement books).

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    In this first-of-its-kind book, Engel offers her practical, easy-to-follow prescriptions for putting the power of apology to work in our own lives now. Based on her quarter century of research and clinical practice, she provides dozens of exercises and strategies to help readers learn to ask for, give, and receive meaningful apologies–as well as guidelines for those who tend to over-apologize. She also shows readers how to make amends to those with whom they have lost contact, how to understand and deal with a partner or family member who refuses to apologize, and how to teach children to take responsibility for their actions. The Power of Apology is destined to be a classic.

    What the critics say:

    Rabbi Charles A. Klein author of How to Forgive When You Can't Forget
    Beverly Engel has indeed eloquently explained the power of apology in a remarkably insightful and perceptive manner. This book is a wise contribution to the ever-growing literature on forgiveness and reconciliation. No one has been better able to explain what an apology means and its role in reconciliation.

    Steven Farmer, M.F.T. author of Adult Children of Abusive Parents
    An engaging and in-depth book on a subject that has rarely been addressed so intelligently and thoroughly. Ms. Engel offers the reader specific suggestions that can help you improve all your relationships.

    Ted Wachtel Founder 'Real Justice, a Restorative Justice Organization' co-author of Toughlove
    In The Power of Apology author Beverly Engel looks through the eyes of both giver and receiver. She touts the benefits of this restorative process but cautions against potential pitfalls, such as self-blame and unreasonable expectations of forgiveness. She provides practical, thoughtful advice on how our everyday use of apology can transform our lives for the better.

    Jeanne Safer, Ph.D author of Forgiving and Not Forgiving
    Readers of this wise and lucid guide to the neglected art of authentic apology will acquire a powerful tool to help repair relationships with others, and with themselves.

    Heather Wilson, Ph.D Director of The Forgiveness Web
    Apology is one of the most healing interpersonal social interactions, In The Power of Apology, Beverly Engel provides compelling evidence that not only can apology heal personal relationships but that it has the potential to transform families, communities, and this global village in which we live.

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