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Free Yourself from the Past and Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted

“Why isn’t there a commandment to ‘honor thy children’ or at least one to ‘not abuse thy children’?” asks Beverly Engel. No one should have to tolerate an abusive or destructive relationship. However, countless adults continue to foster toxic relationships with their parents. Perhaps honoring our parents starts with honoring ourselves. While making peace with a parent may seem ideal, it is not always a viable option, and severing ties with a parent is sometimes a necessity. Engel, who had to divorce her mother for a number of years, recognizes that forgiveness is not always necessary or even possible.

This sensitive, emphatic, yet practical guide includes exercises to help you through this important turning point that can inspire positive and healthy changes in your life. With step-by-step instruction and real-life testimonials, Divorcing a Parent will show you how to anticipate and manage negative pressure from others, how to overcome your doubts and guilt, how to participate in family gatherings, and how to handle grandchildren. Engel even addresses how to manage the abuse of a deceased parent.

While utilizing an individualized approach, Engel guides you through the entire process to determine what is best for your wellbeing—from deciding if divorce is right for you to finalizing the separation. Above all, this book shows you how to love yourself and give yourself the gift of freedom!

Beverly Engel, is an internationally recognized psychotherapist and an acclaimed advocate for victims of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. She is the author of 20 self-help books, including four best-selling books on emotional abuse. Several of her books have received awards and been translated into many languages. Engel is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and has practiced psychotherapy for 35 years. She frequently lends her expertise to national television talk shows and has appeared on OprahCNNStarting Over, and others. Learn more at www.beverlyengel.com.