Tel. & Email Counseling

Although many people need on-going therapy, sometimes short-term consultation can be beneficial, especially for those who need crisis counseling and those who can’t find support any other way (such as those who live in remote areas and those with small children and no babysitter).

Private consultations are available on relationships, abuse issues, and sexuality (particularly in relationship to the effects of sexual abuse).

Beverly has developed a way of working with clients that is extremely compassionate, perceptive and effective.

How to Make an Appointment

AppointmentsMake an appointment for a telephone consultation following these easy steps.

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* I’ll email you back¬†with more instructions and my time availability. Please include the city and or country¬†where you reside and the time difference between where you are and California, USA time.

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    Also available – counseling and coaching on the following issues:

    • How to maintain or regain your sense of self in a relationship.
    • Counseling for partners of survivors of child sexual abuse.
    • How to determine whether you are being emotionally abused or are being emotionally abusive.
    • Help to determine whether you should stay in a relationship or leave.

    Fees for telephone services are as follows:

    • $100.00 for 1 hour